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The Tata Nano Twist is a smart, little urban car that is big on space, fuel-efficiency & comfort. A packaging marvel, it has spacious passenger compartment that seats four full-size adults in total comfort, despite a tiny exterior size. The turning radius of just 4 metres combined with a high, natural-seating position and large glass surfaces makes it ideal for motorists who live in high congestion environments.

The wide opening doors facilitate easy ingress and egress, especially for senior citizens and individuals with limited mobility. A high ground clearance of 180 mm allows easy manouver on badly surfaced roads. With choice of features that are just right, ten attractive colours and hardwearing interiors, the Nano Twist is an optimum blend of style, practicality and comfort.

Interior & Exterior

Comfort & Convenience

Safety & Security

* Standard & Optional Features

Nano XT

Damson Purple

• The models and the specifications presented here may vary from country to country. Please contact our authorised distributor/ dealer in your country for more information on the available models in your country, technical details, equipment specifications and available colors.

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