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Goods to glory: How small transporters in Bangladesh are flourishing

Goods to glory: How small transporters in Bangladesh are flourishing

Bangladesh’s improving business scenario has opened up growth avenues for small transporters

A walk amidst Dhaka’s busy streets shows a number of small transporters on the job, ferrying material here and there. This seems to the best time for a local transporter in Bangladesh.

With commercial traffic through the sea route increasing in Bangladesh’s ports, logistics companies require commercial vehicles to deliver the material received through ports within various points inside the country. People who own a few light trucks are seeing business grow like never before.


Credit: Hafrul CC BY-SA 3.0

How small transporters in Bangladesh are flourishing

Credit: Moheen Reeyad

It’s a good time for the local transport business

This has come about because of the change in the business scenario. With a stable government in place and improved coastal infrastructure, the ports in Bangladesh are buzzing with activity. Importers need vehicles to transport the goods across the country – commercial vehicles that can negotiate the congested traffic conditions in Bangladesh – and deliver it to warehouses, wholesalers and retailers across the country.

TATA Ultra

The Tata Ultra was launched in Bangladesh in 2015

Bangladesh markets are opening up

A big boost to the economy is from the ready-made garments sector, which is the largest export oriented industry in Bangladesh. Garment producers are exporting huge volumes to developed markets such as US and Europe. E-commerce picking up in bigger cities like Dhaka and Chittagong is adding to the demand for light commercial vehicles.

For the small transporter, it’s a great time to grow the business.

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